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Virtual Aerospace lands at Cobra to share Jetmax specs from The Gadget Show

on Sunday, 08 December 2013. Posted in December 2013

Virtual Aerospace and Cobra Simulation recently brought two great products together on channel 5's The Gadget Show demonstrating to the flight sim world how you can take desktop flight simulation to the next level by bringing a full scale airliner cockpit into your home.

Paul Hand at Virtual Aerospace said "JetMax is an affordable flight simulation solution designed to replace your desk. We expect many desktop simmers to leave their desks behind to fly using a JetMax device, which is manufactured by leading simulator company Flighdeck Solutions. We were excited to showcase the Jetmax product along side the Cobra Curved Display on the Gadget Show, and our bet is a JetMax and Cobra combo will open up a whole new world of immersive simulator enjoyment.”

Alexander Bradley from Cobra Simulation said "Working with the team from Virtual Aerospace was a great experience, they have extensive knowledge in full size airliner simulator operations including full motion flight simulators at a facility near London. They bring that experience into the home with Jetmax and the Cobra Curved Display solution."

IMG 5004

The JetMax737-SKTQ is a “Premium” Single Seat device and designed to get you fully immersed in your simulation experience. No more “Flying a Desk” when JetMax is involved. Take Flightdeck Solutions and the years of design/production expertise, blend that with a product line designed to be truly affordable and high fidelity and you have JetMax. The JetMax737-SKTQ is comprised of the following features:

· JetMax737 Throttle Quadrant
· JetMax737 Steering Tiller
· JetMax Mode Control Panel (MCP) and EFIS Control Panel (USB)
· FDS PRO-MX CDU with All Metal Bezel and VGA Display
· All Aluminum Structure
· Powder Coated Finish
· Scale Glare Shape and Sizing
· Highly Accurate and Detailed Panels
· USB PnP Interface (No programming Required!)
· Pre-Made Wiring Harness for Super Simple Connections
· Injection Moulded Knobs
· FDS Quality Hardware
· Accurate Landing Gear Mechanism
· LED “Drop Lighting”
· Dimmer Control
· Simplified PC Board Based Connections
· 30 Page Manual for Simple Step by Step Assembly
· Flightdeck Solutions Engineering and Production Expertise!

The JetMax737-SK is the “Full Solution ” model and designed to give you the maximum experience.

JM SKTQ 1 Full 1200

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